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WeeRow on the Hudson
Weehawken Rowing
A Community Based Rowing Club
Weehawken Rowing, a non-profit volunteer group has been rowing on the Hudson River since September 2000. We launch our gigs on the Weehawken waterfront, near the bottom of Pershing Road, just south of the new Port Imperial ferry terminal (map). From April or May through November, we row on most weekends and when the days are long enough, we go out on Wednesday evenings. Our goal is to help connect people to the rivers and bays of NYC and to foster appreciation and enjoyment of the wonder, commerce and heritage of the city's natural harbor, its greatest outdoor space.

If you register with WeeRow.org, you will receive email announcements of upcoming rows and other events. Registration is not required to sign up to row. For more information, send an email to: weerow@weerow.org

Weehawken Rowing is sponsored by the Township of Weehawken
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